this is more testing stuff. the stuff i'm testing is...

this is my first real attempt at learning html and css!

so some of the stuff i'm trying to learn is listed below.

the order of things i want to learn is...
  1. more html stuff.
  2. maybe some css

luckily i remember how to make links from my tumblr days.

my twitter

if i wanted to link to another page i'd use this

or, alternatively, link to another thing such as a header with a tag. like this

nameless from eye candy

now to learn more new stuff. like making tables. making tables is useful.

number of dice die type second dice type
one d6 d8
two d4 d8

okay table is a little funky but i'll figure it out eventually.

time to learn forms. i'm probably not going to use this. but it might be fun to the old thing that websites did where people could type and post messages. i can't remember what they're called. guest book?

also testing quotes and blockquotes here.

i'm going to make a silly little glossary thing here

a fictional language featured only in Tales of Eternia though I believe it's made somem cameos in later tales entries.
apple gel
a healing item found in every tales of game. it's a staple of the series!

about me

i'm lazy and just copy-pasting this next part because i can't see how it's different than anything else i've done here.

[An introduction]


ah i see so it's just to organize things on the html side of things i see. so visually useless. :(

more copy-pasted stuff because i don't know what it looks like on the website side of things.


[All about Tixall]

[Maybe a bit more about Tixall]

more nothing. i see.

just another test

yet another image test.